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The Penal Code: Office who shall work in the area of criminal law and criminal cases directly to all misdemeanors and criminal courts where the rules of criminal law to the aspirations of some vital goals related to social and political entity under the criminal law branch of the law and are employed the general criminal law to serve the community and the public interest and maintain the entity of the State and without prejudice to what is socially acceptable at the levels of individuals, families and groups, and criminal law in terms of political work to respect the principles sought by the State Constitution and by political institutions, cultural and religious which verify the feasibility and effectiveness of those legal rules.


Where it is deepest and most important branches of law, so it was necessary to intensify efforts to work in its scope, including container from the vast amount of transactions where it regulates the special relations between individuals of whatever nature is the law and the general approach which should be the realization of the provisions in unless otherwise specifically provided in any branch other branches of private law, where it organized to talk about a natural person since the beginning of the personal to conclusion and the rules of calculating the degree of kinship and the name of the person and the home of the person and the person's capacity.Back To Top


Where commercial law is part of private law which governs business and the activity of traders in the exercise of their trade which takes place among the branches of private law is applicable to a certain class of people are traders, derived from the trade and had to be a presence on the implications of the rules facilitate the rapid conclusion of transactions commercial and credit support and strengthen the guarantees where the speed is the spirit of trade, the trader in pursuit of profits and take advantage of price fluctuations and to avoid damage to the goods on the conclusion of each of many business processes hence the need for rules consistent with the nature of the activity exercised by the more flexible and less formal, and the Bureau of environment and runs the business leads its work in the scope of this law.Back To Top


The office work was started in the Companies Act by virtue of its presence in the environment has produced many forms of businesses in the community of solidarity and companies limited by shares and joint stock companies and limited liability companies and public joint stock companies or private companies and a recommendation of securities.Back To Top


And in harmony and in line with the modern age, which requires to conduct numerous financial transactions and banking at the time of rapid and safe it is here was the basis for going for it, including those transactions was Taattalih the accuracy of BSA and banks, which greatly facilitated financial transactions between individuals and some of them or between them and institutions and that development must be to catch up with the spirit of the times.Back To Top


Is the set of rules governing the legal ties and on the work undertaken by a person for payment for the other person and under his guidance, authority and supervision and control and because of the working relationship between the parties was to be legislation governing these relations, was the Labor Code, which governs labor disputes in the community and multilateral exercise our work in such disputes with companies and individuals.Back To Top


Is the law that regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants of all necessary legislation in order to tighten the landlord-tenant relationship and this is what the legislature was spotted by the UAE since the time of The Law No. 14 of 1995 organized landlord-tenant relationship between landlords and tenants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which ran until the issuance of Law No. 20 of 2006 establishing a special committee to settle the disputes rental called the Committee for Settlement of rental disputes, which occurred several amendments, most recently Act No. 4 of 2010Back To Top.


Including container management decisions of a law governing the relationship between staff and the administrative system within the state, including the promise of justice and juvenile phase compensation. Back To Top


multiple and complex disputes between spouses - is the law that deals with issues such as the Organization of the family engagement and marriage and the rights of each spouse and the mutual obligations of dowry and dowry, divorce and separation to other matters which are of personal status.Back To Top

To give training courses : Office who shall in that activity through sensitization sessions convened each time to time according to requirements and to persons and companies where these courses through a selection of specialists, for example as follows: --

  • financial disclosure for women and men separated from edema of Finance.
  • the wife's rights and duties.
  • the best solution for dealing with the couples.
  • divorce and its negative effects on the family.
  • Tips and awareness in the affairs of education.
  • public employee rights and obligations.
  • How to deal with superiors and subordinates at work.
  • the stock market positively and negatively.
  • secure trade in the market is safe.
  • How to be a human being happy.