Organization provides advice in relation to all problems facing any company from incorporation stage, to determining company controls, manager duties and responsibilities, internal dealing within the group to reorganize its affiliate companies, transaction related to company capital, to shareholders agreements, share option categories of financial shares and bonds, in addition to all legal sides regarding company disputes.

Organization offers private consultations regarding legal aspects related to setting, supervision, and update of company organization chart, to control private administrative responsibility regarding individuals, companies and societies, without the legal case specified by the law D.Lgs number 231 dated 8 june 2001, providing elements qualified by the Control Authorithy.


Company enjoys vast experience in all fields of banking, and financial brokerage and investment bonds transaction, specifically providing advice in the field of banking and represent customers who wish to develop and extend staff provides support and assistance in all kinds of financial transactions


Company provides specialized assistance in all problems related to labor law and its consolidated rules, inside and outside court. Inside court assistance includes all kinds of disputes regarding employment relation to employees, free employed persons (such as disputes related to individuals, massdismissal, qualification claims, damage claims in cases of demotion, disputed limited term contracts, labor supply contracts, changing independent labor relations to dependents).

Consultancy and advice outside court includes contracts terminology (such as labor contracts, projects work contracts, limited term contracts, independent employment contracts), negotiations with trade unions, preparing company internal rules (from profession ethic rules, to internet use rules, electronic mail and company assets), in addition to problems related to employment relations between officers, managers, independent partners, shares option purchase programs, wages and remuneration schedules, confidentiality agreements agreements, and non-competition articles. Company provides consultation related to individuals and group problems in cases of merge, or acquisition and generally company restructuring, individual agreements or related group agreements.


Company acquired essential local and international experienced in the field of commercial contract. We are proud for our solid experience in the field of commercial contract. We are for our solid experience in establishment procedures, negotiation, terminology of different kinds of commercial contracts performed in Italy and on international level, starting from franchise to sponsorship, to contracts submission till commercial and industrial joint projects, advertisement and funding contracts, property and asset purchase contracts (including items), and service contracts. Company is able to provide specialized consultation in processing problems related to international trade, including borders, implementation and arbitration decision, as a result of our massive local and international experience. Company specialized staff guarantees accurate information, not only regarding problems of private and public offers of service, but regarding all kinds of technical and economic related problems.


Company provides consultancy and legal assistance regarding intellectual rights use, protection and security inside and outside court, specifically the field of trade names, patents, industrial models, trinket design, in addition to property rights law. Company provides, also consultancy and assistance in negotiation, contracts terminology and intellectual and industrial rights licensing.

Company deals with competition control and organization, whether on the local level or in Europe. Company provides assistance in courts, represent customers in front of Italian and European authorities regarding monopoly, authorithy misususe, while outside court company offers consultancy regarding company strategic performance requested for monopoly combat laws, merger acquisition operations and joint ventures, related to all kinds of terms and conditions required by local and European regulation bodies.


Company provides consultations in all legal aspects related to property, including compounds (construction and development of properties), in relation to construction problems, urban planning, contracts negotiation between private individuals, agreements with public authorities, in addition to all kinds of legal consultations related to property funding procedures on both local and international levels.


Company provides specialized assistance in legal lawsuits, arbitration, other alternative measures for disputes settlements in all civil and commercial fields, locally and abroad. Company specialized staff experience allows company to provide highly effective and qualified assistances lawsuits regarding companies, merger, acquisition, intellectual rights, competition, property, finance and banking, employment and investment inside and outside Italy. Among company staff there are local and international arbitration tribunals members, who used to be appointed as arbitrators, chairmen or members in various local and international arbitration cases.


Company provides accurate consultations regarding all taxation aspects, seeking the most effective and suitable solutions regarding customers different problems and crises. Company enjoys the support of experience of qualified specialists in fields of merger, local and international acquisition, local purchase orders, companies reorganization and restructure, general construction finance, in addition to specialized consultation in all taxation related fields for distribution establishments, financial products and all other subjects related to staff salary schedules


Spain and America offices provides assistance and consultations for consultations for companies in Spain and Latin America who wish to invest in Italy, and to Latin American companies aiming to Iberia and Latin America offices are specialized in company shares ownership, intellectual rights, environment, energy civil works performance in addition to concentration on consolidated, excellent relationships with organization, local specialists and contractors in Spain and Latin America (specially Mexico and Panama), and all other deals or projects planned for in Spain or Latin America.


Germany office provides assistance and consultation in company fields of specialization (company extraordinary deals, company law, finance and banking law, labor law, commercial law, industrial law, property law, project, basic infrastructure and energy funding, bankruptcy and insolvency law, tax law and litigation and arbitration) to Germany-speaking companies wishing to conclude commercial contracts or invest in Italy, and to companies wish to invest in Germany-speaking countries, specially Germany. Office offers services of qualified Germany and Italian-speaking personnel to follow up all cases in front of German and Italy courts, provide guidance and assistance in German, Italian and English languages. By means of effective cooperation with finance and labor consultants, German office is able to provide foreign customers, not only guidance and assistance in all company related fields, but also to provide administrative works and staff salaries services.