Nashwa Al-Qubaisi in association with Agnoli & Giuggioli Advocates and Legal Consultants provide legal advice inside and outside court in the UAE, In Arabic, English, Italian, French and German provide a broadband of professional services under a legal shelter provided by a group of highly qualified elite and experienced advocates and legal Consultants.

Nashwa Al-Qubaisi Legal Firm is known to be able to cope with the changing legal era as a result of life accelerating rhythm and continuous change in commercial law as a result of this change. This accelerating change requires knowledge of all successive legal changes that could have some implication on commercial business. Additionally office concentrates its attention on the interest of legal service seekers, through providing a span for amicable settlement, before resorting to courtrooms, to save customer effort and time, and achieve tasks in a standard period of time. In addition, office associates with Agnoli e Giuggioli, who is known for their different experiences and qualifications, matching reputable legal institutions, in providing foreign arbitration services, in addition to their ability to deal with Germans, Spanish and Latin Americans and many other international relations.


Our office depends on the efforts of a selective elite of highly qualified and prominent advocates, legal consultants and administrative in all legal and academic levels, within a 100% Emirati office, in association with Agnoli e Giuggioli Legal Firm.


Office embodies a group of excellent selected prominent, academically and legally highly qualified, group of advocates, legal consultants and administrator leaded by office owner Advocate Nashwa Al-Qubaisi:

1) Advocate Nashwa Al-Qubaisi : - An Emirati advocate, a graduate of the Cairo University, she was trained under the supervision of a group of prominent law lecturers in both Egypt and UAE, and became one of the female advocates who have a tangible print in the field of advocacy in the UAE, due to her activity, tactful, aspirations and loyalty in the field of advocacy and law.

2) Advocate Salwa Saheb Al-Habib :- An Iraqi national, she is known for her long time experience in the field of advocacy and legal work for more than thirty years in both Iraq and UAE.

3) Advocate Al-Sayed Saqr :- An Egyptian lawyer, with an extensive experience in advocacy and legal work that lasted more than forty years in Egypt, Libya, and UAE.

4) Legal Consultant Mr. Alaa Allam : An Egyptian lawyer, a graduate of Egyptian universities, with skills in the field of law business, and a fifteen years long experience in advocacy in both Egypt and UAE..

5) - Legal Counsel - Hani Awad - Egyptian lawyer : - An graduate of universities in Egypt - experience in the legal profession and legal work in Egypt and the UAE.

6) - Ahmed Al-Shazly - Egyptian citizenship - legal scholar.

7) - El-Sayed - Egyptian citizenship - legal scholar.

8) - Ayman Abdel-Aziz - the representative of the courts for review.

9) - Sobhi Zaki - Egyptian nationality - Executive Secretary.